Sustainable development
  • Mission and Philosophy

    LORCA's Mission:

    Contribute wisdom to the development of precision industry!

    LORCA's philosophy:

    innovation  sincerity teamwork hard-working

  • business route

    Future development of new products using existing compounding processes:

    Cold heading+cold extrusion+cold spinning+finish turning compound process product, fine blanking+stretching+cold extrusion+cold spinning compound process product 

    Computer/home appliance/bathroom precision molded parts + assemblies, mobile phone/electronics/medical equipment precision molded parts   

    Roller screws for car seats and electronic brakes, reducers and accessories for robots

    Aerospace Precision Formed Parts

    Currently: Cold heading + machining composite products   Stamping + drawing composite products   Computer/Home Appliances/Bathroom Precision Parts

  • Development plan

    2022-2023 A digital factory for aerospace precision parts will be built, so that our products can be exported to Europe, Japan, the United States and other countries in large quantities;

    2022-2023 Technology centers and factories will be established in North America,

    2023-2025 A technical center and factory will be established in Europe to provide supporting services for local customers.

  • Strategic policy

    Our strategy:Be the first choice for manufacturers

                            ① top quality

                            ② Customer satisfaction

                            ③ Focused and highly motivated employees

  • goals and pursuits

    Our goal    We have always believed that as long as we continue to develop with all our strength and adhere to the professionalism of precision plastic forming and precision machining, we can ensure the future of the enterprise.

    Our pursuit    Innovation meets the needs of customers, let our innovation ignite customers' enthusiasm for products, improve customers' quality requirements, and achieve a win-win situation with customers.

  • grateful

    LORCA started from a family factory and has grown through different stages. I would like to sincerely thank all customers for their audit and guidance on the quality management system, lean production management, logistics management and other fields, so that we can continuously improve quality and reduce costs. cost to repay customers' expectations of us with better service.

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